FREE Scam Consulting

Have you been approached with an offer that seems almost too good to be true?

The now famous bull market of 2017 showed the world there can be much profit to be made in crypto. Not only did the world see how much profit could be made, but how quickly it could be made as well. This also presented an opportunity for scammers to prey on those who were new to the cryptocurrency scene, and were looking for quick profits for fear of missing out (FOMO).

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, scams have not changed much, but with new people entering the cryptocurrency space daily there are plenty of people for scammers to prey upon.

Over the years we have taken note of the different scams out there. And because we love what solid, honest cryptocurrency projects represent, we want to be a part of cleaning up the cryptocurrency scene.

If you feel you are being approached by a scammer, or if you just want to be prepared for when they approach you (because we know they will), sign up to receive our free scam identification information!

If anyone asks you for ANY of this information, IT IS A SCAM:

- Your 12-word recovery phrase to assist you

- If a support team uses separate company or individual team profiles to communicate with users on Facebook


To help keep yourself and others safe:

- Never share your recovery phrase anywhere, not even in a Facebook PM

- Report any suspicious accounts directly to Facebook

- If you have been asked for your recovery phrase by someone on Facebook who claims to work for Crypto Block support, take a screenshot of their message and forward it along with a link to their Facebook profile or page to us here

For more information, or to ask us questions reach out to us via the Contact page, or sign up for a FREE consulting engagement.