Tickets for UEFA 2020 will be sold on blockchain

UEFA has announced 20,000 tickets will be sold for the 2020 European Soccer Championships on blockchain.

UEFA has joined with AlphaWallet to help improve ticket security for the 2020 championships.

Alpha Wallet is an Ethereum mobile wallet provider, and last year, it partnered with Chinese sports organization Shankai for the FIFA World Cup.

UEFA will tokenize 20,000 VIP tickets for the 2020 Euro Tournament.

Victor Zhang, CEO of Alpha Wallet was overheard saying, "UEFA Exclusive Sales Agent provides money, tickets and trust anchor, we provide technologies.”

Tokenizing tickets means that service providers can verify tickets without having to connect to UEFA’s centralized ticketing system. And as reported by Decrypt, Zhang said that a VIP could use the service to access discounts on services such as accommodation, transport, and shopping “without signing up for an account with each service and go through the long process to verify you really have a real ticket.”

“No more paper, No more Sign up/log in, No more Copy/Paste,” he added.

Zhang also said it cuts down on scalpers, who resell tickets at higher prices. “It means no more primary or secondary market, there will be only one free, open and regulated market....Regulated means rules are defined using smart contracts.”

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