Mercedes-Benz To Launch A Blockchain Pilot

Mercedes-Benz cars will turn to blockchain for sustainable mobility.

In a media release on January 30th, Mercedes-Benz has joined forces with London-based blockchain company Circulor to launch a blockchain pilot experiment to track CO2 emissions efficiently

According to the cryptopolitan, the project will leverage blockchain to attain transparency in CO2 emissions in the cobalt supply chain.

By utilizing blockchain, Mercedes-Benz will monitor the emission levels of different climate-impacting gases, and then track cobalt which makes way into the supply chain through various recycling sources.

Mercedes-Benz has an ambitious target of 2039 for climate-neutral mobility, and aim for a carbon-free transport fleet within the next twenty years. The press release states that the blockchain-powered system will document the flow and the contents of the raw materials along with CO2 emission levels at each step of the manufacturing process. The system will also track whether or not the parent firm, Daimler, operates by the sustainability standards set for working conditions, employee rights, ethical and sustainable business practices, and legal compliance.

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Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

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