Introducing the Brave Browser


Hello! And thank you for joining Crypto Block as we talk to you today about earning FREE cryptocurrencies by simply using your web browser.

The key to earning these FREE cryptocurrencies however, is that you use a specific web browser.

Now before you think this is some type of ad or pitch to sell you on a new browser, well it kind of is. However, we are not paid by the Brave browser company, and we are simply providing you with as many ways possible, to safely earn free cryptocurrencies.

In 2017, the Brave browser collected $36 million in Ethereum in just 30-seconds of ICO fundraising. The Brave browser is an open source web browser which automatically blocks ads and website tracking. However, users who chose to enable ads optionally can earn Brave rewards by doing so.

Simply go to to download the browser.

Brave blocks ads by default, so after downloading the Brave browser, you will want to enable ads in the browser settings. You can choose a maximum number of ads you feel comfortable viewing per hour, by entering the Brave metrics panel. There is a max of 5 ads, so even if you allow the maximum number of ads, you will not be overwhelmed with Ads.
AND, these private ads in Brave Rewards do not collect information about you.

Web pages viewed in Brave will continue to be ad free even after a user enables ads.  However, users will occasionally receive popup notifications in the upper right hand side of their screen asking them if they want to view an ad.
When users click to view ads, they are directed to the website of the ad provider. 
Once on an ad provider's website, Brave users earn Basic Attention Tokens, which reflect the length of time they spend viewing and interacting with website content. Viewing ads, therefore, feels more like web browsing the Internet than when viewing ads in other web browsers like Chrome.

Brave browser users can also earn rewards by linking websites, YouTube, and social media accounts to Brave. When content creators do this, internet users viewing content via the Brave browser will be given the opportunity to donate BAT from their wallet to support content creators.
The Brave browser is rapidly piquing the interest of privacy-conscious internet users. Some have even speculated that Brave may eventually prove to be more popular than platforms like Patreon among independent content creators.

Remember Brave prides itself on security, so they are never going to send you dodgy links or links to scams. We have been using the Brave browser for a little over 6 months now, and we have never been sent an ad we felt compromised our security in any way, or that tried to push any type of scammy ideas. As you may or may not know, CryptoBlock has a FREE scam consultation for anyone worried that they are being approached by a scam because we want the crypto space to be as safe for everyone as possible. There will always be scams in any industry, but CryptoBlock will always fully vet anything we may suggest to you, and the Brave browser definitely passes the test.
After 6 months, we have a little over 170 BAT tokens, which is worth around $40 US dollars.....for simply using the browser. 
Its that simple!