About Us


The professionals at Crypto Block deliver high value services and education blockchain and cryptocurrency demands, both personal & business.

Crypto Block employs professionals who have educated and consulted many companies and individuals alike, about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The right research finds the right projects. Finding the right projects means finding the right investments.

We have the knowledge, experience, and track record to deliver premier cryptocurrency and blockchain education & analysis.

With the tools to deliver virtually or in person, Crypto Block provides the services and education you need.

​One long time client is now on the board of a very successful cryptocurrency project!

Blockchain Integration for Businesses

For those who are interested in integrating blockchain technology in their day-to-day business dealings, Crypto Block has a four phase process to help you do this. We gather all the information about your your business processes needed for a complete analysis, then analyze your current business environment and show you in what ways implementing blockchain can streamline your business. We then provide the developers to design and implement a blockchain solution so your business can fully capitalize on blockchain technology. Crypto Block then provides continued support for any future needs.

Blockchain Education

Our industry certified professionals at Crypto Block also deliver blockchain education anyone can understand, and that is relevant for today's high performing businesses.  We have presentations for individuals, and for businesses we have large group blockchain sessions as well. 

Cryptocurrency Education

Our professionals at Crypto Block deliver blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency education anyone can understand through virtual presentations.
Our Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education and consulting services have been proven to equip individuals and businesses alike on how to best investigate a cryptocurrency project, and make the right decisions for their investment portfolios. 

We also provide consulting to individuals and businesses on how to best integrate cryptocurrencies into their own payment systems if they desire.